Activated Probiotics Bushfire Relief


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Activated Probiotics Bushfire Relief

BY Jennifer Hopper February 10, 2020

Activated Probiotics is giving away Biome Breathe Probiotic to help Australians in bushfire affected areas.

Activated Probiotics Bushfire Relief

Activate Probiotics has committed to giving away Biome Breathe products from their new range in order to help Australians who are affected from smoke inhalation. Biome Breathe is clinically proven to help stimulate a healthy immune system response. The science-backed natural probiotic is free from side-effects and has no drug interactions, allowing it to be used alongside the prescribed medications for prevention and relief.

The product can be made available from any pharmacy in Australia at no cost by asking the pharmacist in store to contact the Biome Breathe Bushfire support line at

‘We would like to share the one thing we have that can make a measurable difference to those who are struggling though the bushfires and the resulting smoke. We are committed to providing Biome Breathe to as many peoples who need it, while we start to measure the long-term effects of the fires and and impact on our health.’

Last November Activated Probiotics launched Biome Breathe alongside a range of condition specific probiotic products based on the latest scientific research on the gut microbiome and its interplay with human health.

Activated Probiotics is on a journey to educate Australians on the many benefits of probiotics. ‘At Activated Probiotics we find ourselves lucky enough to not only have a roof over our head but also access to some of the best natural medicines in the world.’

Proudly Australian owned and headquartered in Melbourne.

Activated Probiotics aims to improve the quality of life of Australians and improve patient outcomes through safe and effective natural products. Activated Probiotics’ unique approach to research and development has resulted in a world first product range, clinically proven to significantly benefit many aspects of health, including mood, bone health and iron absorption.

Ask your pharmacist

Please ask the pharmacist in store to contact the Biome Breathe Bushfire support line at



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Biome Breathe Probiotic

To help stimulate a healthy immune system response

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