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Introducing the Activated Probiotics® mobile screening vehicle

BY Lucy Taylor November 29, 2019

Activated Probiotics® is going on a road trip! That’s right, we are packing up our probiotics and firing up the ignition on our brand new van! We are taking our message of good gut health around the country in an effort to get people thinking about how they can improve their health.

Biome Australia Founder and COO, Blair Norfolk says, ‘It is a really visible way for us to get out in the community and start educating people about the importance of gut health. We want to engage with the community and give them an insight into how their microbiome works and what it needs to keep them strong.’

The vehicle is fully fitted out with equipment to test for a range of health concerns as well as take-home information and samples for all who drop in. Norfolk says, ‘The vehicle will be staffed by health professionals and we will offer visitors information and advice to people looking to improve their health.’

For Norfolk, the vehicle represents just another way the company seeks to be a leader in health education. ‘For us the vehicle offers a new way to connect with community and spread our message of good health. If we can help people understand how profoundly their gut health can impact their mental and physical wellbeing then we’ve achieved our aim.’




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