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Probiotics for women’s health

The microbiome influences many aspects of female physiology, and Activated Probiotics has a range of probiotic products which support optimal health in women across many stages of life. Our women’s health range includes products with clinically-trialled probiotic strains that have been shown to improve iron absorption, support a healthy vaginal microbiome, promote a healthy pregnancy, and protect bone mineral density health.

Biome Prenatal Probiotic

Biome Prenatal+™ Probiotic

To support a healthy pregnancy

Biome osteo Probiotic Product

Biome Osteo™ Probiotic

To help promote bone health in adults

Biome Iron+ Probiotic Product

Biome Iron+™ Probiotic

To help increase absorption of dietary iron

Biome Her™ Probiotic

To help maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome

Did you know the vagina is home to a community of microorganisms?
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