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Welcome to the Practitioner Portal

BY Ben Lennox November 29, 2019

The central portal for practitioner-only educational material and resources to help extend your knowledge of Activated ProbioticsTM products, and educate your customers.

When you log in, you will be able to view practitioner-only content, including:

  • Practitioner-only product information, including clinical trial data, diagrams, and references to support our product indications
  • More detailed information on the human gut microbiome in the science page
  • Company and product updates on the news page
  • A series of training videos to help you to communicate the benefits of our products to your customers
  • Key contacts, who are on hand to answer any technical questions and provide administrative support
  • You will also find contact information for our sales team, including our National Sales Manager and Territory Sales Managers who are here to assist you with getting our products into your customer's hands
  • For more information about our products, our clinical sheets are available to download on the Practitioner Resources page
  • Condition management guides, which will help you understand where each product fits alongside medications, herbal preparations and dietary supplements

Our Practitioner Portal will be continually updated with additional resources to provide support and assistance to our loyal practitioners, so make sure you log in from time to time to see what’s new.




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